Wenn der Regen fällt
Sie träumen nicht
Aux quatre vents
Tomber dans la mer
A Little Blue
Please Forgive Me
Ocean  Kleine Welt  


What does Bettina herself reveal about the CD?

Is there a specific reason for the chosen title océan?
I feel very connected with the element of water, I love to see the sea or to sit by a lake, I love to be surrounded by water and of course it’s my favorite drink as well. I think this is the reason why water is a theme in many of my songs, I am just fascinated by it, as an example: the rain and the many sounds it makes as it falls from the sky, the crashing of the waves in the sea etc. Water sounds are pure music and they bring an amazing calmness with themselves. Furthermore, I wanted a title for my CD that connects the different languages, which builds a bridge and works in all three languages. That’s how I came up with ocean: ocean (English) > océan (French) > Ozean (German).

What are the individual titles all about?
„Wenn der Regen fällt (When the rain falls)“ is about the phenomenon of rain.
It describes, in particular by its music with the piano lines, the rain falling from the skies, but also the storming and thundering, which comes along with heavy rain. It has also to do with yearning for something: especially foggy, rainy days and darkness can cause a deep longing within us. The title „Sie träumen nicht (They don’t dream)“ reveals already a lot about the context of the lyrics; it is about people, who don’t dream (anymore), who have fallen asleep deeply and who don’t want to change a thing. In „Aux quatre vents“ I’m describing someone who has lost a big love and what this person would do to be reunited with the loved one. „Tomber dans la mer (To fall into the sea)“ is about a love, which has ended sadly and continues to have an effect on this person’s life. In „A Little Blue“ I’m singing from the perspective of someone who doesn’t like to get involved emotionally and who has fallen in love in spite of that. „Please Forgive Me“ is about someone, who has not treated his partner well during a relationship and would love to undo what he did wrong.

Do you have a favorite song on the CD?
My personal favorite is “Aux quatre vents“ (double meaning: literally „in all four directions but also meaning „everywhere“).
I think that I succeeded in writing a real love story, which talks about true love, without wanting to possess the loved one. It is a sensitive song, and the arrangement made supports the subtle, sensitive character, which stands out in the lyrics as well. I feel especially connected to the French language – it is truly the language of poets – which makes writing in many nuances possible.

Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
I often sit at the piano, improvising just out of the blue; painting with notes a mood or a feeling. All of sudden I get a musical idea, and shortly afterwards I have an impulse in which direction the context of the lyrics could go. Generally, it’s a lot easier for me to write music than to write lyrics. I’m inspired by lyrics, which gives the listener space for his/her own interpretation, lyrics which describe more of a mood than a specific situation. „Wenn der Regen fällt“ is an example for such a mood-describing song.

Do you collaborate from time to time with other songwriters while writing songs?
I collaborated with Joe Sciacca for the lyrics of the French titles, but I mostly write alone. It is not easy to find someone who has a similar approach to music and to writing lyrics as I have. But specially for writing lyrics I would love to collaborate with a Co-Writer, in particular for the French and Italian songs.So if anyone loves to write poetic lyrics and is a native French or Italian speaker and would like to try and create something together, I would love to hear from them.